Being at sea for days, moving with the wind, always having this floating endless horizon, gives you an incredible feeling of purity and control in your own little world. On the other hand, you put things into perspective, reconsider priorities, and become acutely aware of your limited resources. You take care of your fellow crew, and do everything to keep your boat intact. Through Sailing Adventures, I want to make people conscious about the analogies to a finite planet and the need to learn from and live with nature. As at sea: We only have limited resources, we need to take care of each other and learn to be inventive and regenerative. I believe that sailing can be used as a tool for positive personal development & outdoor education, to live more sustainably and spark regenerative ideas.


The continuum of experiences and the ways people see Freediving is incredibly diverse. I see Freediving as a way to go back to the natural order, develop courage, self-control, trust and peace of mind. I believe that once we shrink in significance, we become better at living alongside and caring for others. When you dive into a world where clocks don’t tick and inboxes don’t ping, we have the chance to wake up to the deeper realities of our being. Freediving is a school for learning about the processes of your body & mind, discover true relaxation and control in the present moment. With OceanMinded Freediving Experiences, I want to invite you to become immersed in a safe space, in your body & mind, become passionate about the ocean and help to protect it.