Ocean Nomads are spread out globally but it’s all about the connections and action locally. We are creating a web of vessels, vehicles and basecamps all around the world, for more func + impact. As Ocean Nomads we navigate between all of it.


Part of our membership base owns a vessel and operate their vessel based on the ON values of sharing, caring, collaboration, adventure, and sustainability.
Do you operate your boat in a cooperative and concious way? Would you like to share your lifestyle, passages, and adventures with soul-a-like ocean nomads? Could you use some help? Join our network to connect with aspiring crew eager to put their hands on deck, team-up, meet-up and find the support from others ‘in the same’ boat. Do you have or know about a vessel in need of rescue / sailing / fresh energy? Perhaps we as the Ocean Nomads community can help. We have the people, skills, and energy! Use the contact form below to present your needs and we see what we can do.

“You are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”

Jim Rohn


We all need a pit stop now and then. A place to simply BE, a place to call home, a place to connect with others honouring simple, active and oceanminded lifestyles, to ground, to stop to smell the frangipanis, to have an 8 hour night of sleep without worrying about a dragging anchor, a fresh shower, to charge our batteries, to pull food straight from the ground instead of a can, to share tools, skills, and stories, the good-bad and ugly. But most of all, to meet-up and team-up with others cultivating alternative conscious adventurous lifestyles out of the system, in nature. Ocean Nomads basecamps unites us in the wild.
Do you have (or know about) a plot of land / farm / finca / hostel / house that has a combination of the following features:– Marina or anchorage close by– A flat place that allows for parking multiple vans– A water and power source– Potential for growing fruits and veggies.– Epic surfbreaks, kitesurf lagoons and/or freedive spots near by1000 Bonus points: if it’s right next the sea and/or has sea view

We’re looking for multiple basecamps globally, either by teaming up with already existing initiatives, and/or by purchasing/renting our own land/house/boat. We are also open to seasonal partnerships. Do you have or know about something and/or are you excited about contributing to the development of the Ocean Nomads locally ? Share your idea, project or suggestion in the contact form below! And let’s explore how we can join forces.

Support these developments and get involvement by joining our network as an Ocean Nomads member. Our basecamps are by ocean nomads for ocean nomads.


Basecamp 1: Atlantic Coast of Portugal / Spain

Suzy (Oceanpreneur) and Nicole (Yogi/Consultant/Coach) are exploring the Atlantic coast this after summer to visit existing initiatives as well as newfound lands to set up an Ocean Nomads basecamp in this region of the world. We are looking for partners (eco communities / yoga facilities / permaculture project / Off Grid esthablishments) and lands in the Rias Baixas in Galicia and/or in the Algarve. Do you have or know about a place that has a combination of the above criteria? And is aligned with our vision and mission? Spread the word and drop a message in the contact form below.

Basecamp 2: Canary Islands

Our Canary based top ambassador Markus from Oceanminded is scouting for the Ocean Nomads basecamp in the latitudes of life: Canary Islands.
Our ideal area to set up basecamp is El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Fuerteventura and Isla Graciosa.
Do you have or know about a place that has a combination of the above criteria? Spread the word and drop a message in the contact form below.